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About the center

Established in 1964, the Weitz Center for Sustainable Development, a subsidiary of the World Zionist Organization, is a distinguished non-profit organization. Founded by the globally renowned Professor Ranan Weitz, the center is celebrated for pioneering the “Rehovot approach” to regional planning.

Over the years, the center has emerged as an international hub for a wide spectrum of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability across various facets of our lives. These initiatives encompass sustainable urban development, rural areas, responsible consumption and production, transportation, cleantech, and more. Significantly, the Weitz Center addressed many of these areas well before the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the center’s remarkable achievements is securing the contract for establishing and operating the National Center for Resource Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry. Functioning as a comprehensive knowledge and consulting center, it serves as a one-stop destination for industry needs, spanning from knowledge dissemination to implementation.

The Resource Efficiency Center is financially supported by both the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. To date, it has assisted 300 manufactures in achieving economic and environmental efficiency, leading to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste generation, energy usage, and raw material consumption.

The Weitz Center is now poised to extend its successful model to other sectors while also assuming a crucial role as an executive partner for sustainable local authorities.


The Weitz Centre is dedicated to driving forward sustainable development by leveraging our team of experts and providing easy access to professional and pertinent knowledge. Our primary goal is to expedite the transition from conceptual action plans to tangible projects.

Recognizing that climate change exerts its influence across various facets of our lives, we acknowledge the urgency of taking swift action. To combat the escalating challenge of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the atmosphere, we are resolute in our commitment to translating innovative projects into effective solutions on the ground.

פרופסור רענן ויץ

Prof. Raanan Weitz


The late Professor Raanan Weitz (1913-1998), known as “Mr. Development,” profoundly shaped rural development in Israel. Graduating from the University of Florence in 1937, Weitz embarked on a 47-year career pivotal to the nation’s development. As a regional planner and Director of the Settlement Department from 1963 to 1984, he oversaw the establishment of countless villages, catalyzing economic self-sufficiency and pioneering agricultural progress.

Weitz’s legacy extends beyond his work. In 1991, he earned the “Israel Prize” for his book “From Peasant to Farmer” and his contributions to agricultural research locally and globally.


Following his passing in 1998, the center was renamed the “Weitz Center for Development Studies.” In 2015, it became the “Weitz Center for Sustainable Development,” cementing its dedication to Weitz’s vision as a leader in sustainable training and consultancy services in Israel and worldwide.

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