ההסתדרות הציונית העולמית

Knowledge Center
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for Sustainable Development

About Weitz Center

The Weitz Centre, a subsidiary of the World Zionist Organization, is dedicated to driving forward sustainable development by leveraging our team of experts and providing easy access to professional and pertinent knowledge. Our primary goal is to expedite the transition from conceptual action plans to tangible projects.

Recognizing that climate change exerts its influence across various facets of our lives, we acknowledge the urgency of taking swift action. To combat the escalating challenge of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the atmosphere, we are resolute in our commitment to translating innovative projects into effective solutions on the ground.

Selected Activities


Mashav is Israel's national aid agency charged with formulating, leading and implementing the State of Israel's foreign aid policy. The Weitz Center served as an executive arm in mobilizing the experience, knowledge and expertise gained in Israel to deal with development challenges in various regions of the world.


The MED-TEST II project is part of the SwitchMed program launched in 2009. As part of the project, the Wietz Center initiated a consortium of leading consultants in the field. This project ended very successfully in 2017, with a phenomenal percentage of the assimilation of the recommendations in the industry.

Manufacturing Industry

The Resource Efficiency Center was established with the initiative and funding of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. An efficient institute, jointly owned by the World Zionist Organization and the Weitz Center. The essence of the center is to help enterprises become economically and environmentally efficient

Local Authorities

Development and promotion of the sustainable cities project funded by GOOGLE.ORG. The goal of the initiative is to help local authorities adopt tools and technologies for sustainable development, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and help Israel meet the goals it has set for itself.

Sustainable Agriculture

A sustainability project funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. The purpose of the project is to promote the efficiency of resources, the adoption of circular business models, and the implementation of innovation in the agricultural sector, which also includes the field of packaging, in order to increase productivity and reduce gas emissions.

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